The nights are long, cold, and dark. The shadows crawl with unspeakable horrors. For as long as any people can remember, the miasma has come and gone. In recent years, the magisterium lost its first cities, whole cities razed to the ground by the dark ones. Attacks are no longer rare. Our solemn hour is upon us again. Will any flesh be saved from the growing chaos and darkness?

The Galaxy is a dangerous place, filled with mercenaries, gangs, and ancient factions that have battled each other for millennia behind the scenes.  Demons linger in the alleys and monsters haunt the long nights between the stars.  Nothing in the Uru-gal (the underworld) is exactly what it appears to be.

Out of sight of most people, conspiracies, pacts, and feuds guide the fates of the average person, who lives unaware of the turmoil constantly circling around them.  This is the place of tides, where the ancients wage their secret wars for the hearts, souls, and fortunes of the Galaxy.

More happens unseen than the mind could comprehend.
— Tien Shaa, Tides and Seasons

The secret wars of the underworld have raged for millennia, and the feuds run deep.  Hidden agendas abound.  The august leaders of each order and house move their members like chess pieces on the galactic board.  If only they alone meddled in the affairs of the Uru, but rumors abound of new houses and rogue actors threatening to destabilize an already volatile situation.  War looms frighteningly close.

Our Solemn Hour is a universe filled with magic and mystery.  Forged in my love of Wuxia, Epic Fantasy, and Space Opera, it is a playground of myth and dreams were noble heroes struggle against the corruption of the world and the darkness within themselves.

I hope love to enjoy these stories, and if you would like to join me in building out this world, have fun, and please let me know.  I would love to see what your making.


welcome image: New Star forming in Orion B molecular cloud complex credits: NASA/ESA

update image: burning star with asteroids credit: C. E. Dorsett