A-ra din

“A pure heart and a nimble dance are the path leading beyond darkness and error.”
— Kim Tam-sha-gi-na, “Tablet of the Pure Heart/Nature”

The Emblem of the Great Rising Sun, used as the Seal of the A-ra din.

As one of the two most ancient orders who arose from the Long Night, the A-ra din dedicate themselves to ridding the galaxy of the impurity from which the Kaiju and Eidolons rise.  They are servants of the Yokai, which they call the Alad-sar, the pure embodiments of true life-force.  Their rituals and activities are focused on on the bringing about the Day of the Great Rising Sun.

The A-ra din were founding some time during the Great Long Night, the dark age marking the beginning of galactic history.  Along side the Hikara Tera, they fought off the darkness, but they were unable to save the An-sarra from the cataclysmic war with the Thalassans that destroyed their empire.  The refugee A-ra din spread throughout the galaxy and continued the rites, hoping to fend off another long night.  As the former state religion of the An-sarra, they are all that remain of that culture, people, and language.

Over time, the Long Night was remembered only in myth and legend.  Most of the galaxy believed it was just a story.  Enrollment in the order dwindled.  The few who joined did so out of piety, or merely to learn their secret arts.  When the Dark Night engulfed the galaxy, the A-ra din were as ill-prepared as the rest of us.  The noble title of San-kal no longer required the formal trials, and had become merely a ceremonial position.  Among the San-kals 

3    The lesson of their founding

4    Their first foundation

5    Their goal and generational inflection

6    Relationships with the wider world







The Gasam were the priest of the ancient A-ra din religion.  A-ra din is short for A-ra dinir or way of the gods.  What separated the Gasam from other monks and priests of the time was their active engagement in spiritual matters as opposed to mere devotion or meditation upon the mysteries of life.

Gasam can be translated: craftsman, artisan; skilled person; job, work; office holder; wisdom.  The other factor that set the Gasam apart was the composition and discipline of the Ki-niri.

Behind the Scenes Note

The An-sarran Language uses the Tciaar Alphabet invented by Ricardo Reséndiz Maita and Cialy Saturno Maita in September 2005.  It is inspired by Arabic and Mongolian.