Why Summoners Fascinate Me

The first time I encountered Summoners that I remember was in the Final Fantasy Games.  I watched as the characters I played called upon various energies to manifest these powerful creatures to aide them.

In Japanese, a summoner is a Caller or Invoker (召喚士, Shōkanshi). It is a powerful image.  This is not a simple sorcerer casting a spell or wizard  chanting an incantation.  They are focusing energy through will and faith to manifest an entity.

Not to be over aggrandizing, but in a lot of ways that is what it means to me to be a writer.

I have learned over the years, for good or for ill, that I can only write a story that I have faith in.  If I lose faith in story, or in its characters, I will never be able to finish it.

This is why I've been having a hard time writing over the past year.  It is not that I've lost faith in stories, I lost faith in me.  I invoked an image of an idealized me.  I could not live up to it.  My faith was first shaken about two years ago, but this year is the year I fell apart.  I forgot to write for the simple joy of telling the story.  I started worrying about what people wanted to read, and lost my passion for telling stories themselves.

The writer is a summoner.  Through the right words, we gather the energies of the imagination of our readers to manifest people, places, and events that never existed.

No wonder I have become so obsessed with summoners.  I sought out a proxy for my own frustrated creativity.

Summoners and summoning magic will definitely have a home in Our Solemn Hour.

Do you have any suggestions, thoughts, or inspirations to share?  Let me know in the comments.