The last moments of Adrakaya

This is a message to any survivors of the fall of the long night, in this our solemn hour, we must stand strong, else we may lose everything.  The horrific battle on Adrakaya devastated the entire solar system as one ancient terror awoke from his long imprisonment, broadcasting a call to all the terrors to return to the worlds they had long left in peace.  The elders returned with their hordes of followers, swallowing armies and interstellar armadas, and despite our attempts to fight off the darkness, it has enveloped us all.

We must banish fear from our hearts and rise up against the threat of the elders.  Terror and cowardice feed their lusts and drive them to spread their influence further.  They can hide in wait anywhere, in our temples, on our streets, even the darkest night between the stars.  Our vulnerability is their weakness.  Without us, their power wanes.  If we stand strong against the horrors they spawn, they will fall.

Only fools would deny the gravity of this hour.  But even more foolish are those who cower before the elders or even submit to their will.  They care nothing for us.  We are minions at best, and food at worse.  They care nothing for any of our wellbeing, prosperity, or future.  An empty promise is no better than the worse and most vile betrayal.  Be strong, my sisters and brothers, and put aside your petty differences and grievances.  

The Ur-san have stood against this threat before, and again we rise in this hour to cast the elders back into the outer darkness they call home.  No contribution or act of defiance against the elders, whether it is from the military, the Ur-san, or even a child who refuses to be afraid of the dark is too small.  Collectively, our struggle wears against their will to power.
This war may have started in the ashes of Adrakaya, and from the rubble of that world, we have faced the apparitions of terror from system to system.  Sekhet-Aaru, Khensu, and Maten may have fallen in the initial wave, and I am sure I speak for all the resistance members fighting on these and other worlds that we will overcome and turn back the elders in time.  We have slowed the initial wave and it is only a matter of time before we drive them back.

Sisters and brothers, comfort yourself in the knowledge that you are not alone in the struggle.  Your ordeal is united with the soldiers and Ur-san who fight on the Vanguard.