The Seal of the Kenja- the Three Powers of Asha governed by the All-seeing Eye

The Kenja, or the Red Sages as they are also known, are an order of Mystics dedicated to ending the Dark Night and returning peace and order to the galaxy.

Seekers of secrets, ancient artifacts, and tomes of magic, they are voracious for knowledge.  They spread the idea that the Dark Night was not natural.  It was caused by the actions of someone and some group, and since it had a cause, it can be undone.

Founded by Mitsuko Tera, a few centuries into the Dark Night, the Kenja spread initially as a religion.  As the order grew, they faced persecution on several planets.  Mitsuko knew her people would only be safe if they had a home world to call their own.  She made a deal with the Lyncean Triad.  They would grant her people a home world, and in turn, the Kenja would protect their world and provide them with a method of safe travel.


3    The lesson of their founding
4    Their first foundation
5    Their goal and generational inflection
6    Relationships with the wider world