To the great Derkomai Ryujin Sato Eikoyama, Glorious Flame of his Fathers, Winged Justice, and Lord of Endless Sea,

Your excellency honors me with the commission to write a Book of Antiquities, detailing the events since the first remembered Long Night to the time of your glorious reign.  

I must admit, my dread Lord, I am surprised you did not approach the Kenja or the Gakusha to aide you.  They are renown for their wisdom and their collection of ancient tomes.  I presume my connection with Seiryu, my most precious companion, made you think that I would be sympathetic to your magnificent empire.  I must tell you that I am but one man and that this is a great task you have set before me.

As a Sennin, I have lived through much the history you wish me to write about, but I must remind you that history is often a search for truth more than it is fact.  Many stories are told about the same events, but perspective and the hindsight that only comes with time clouds and gives meaning to these stories.

I will do everything in my power to collect these stories and recount them in a way that best reflects what is true.