In one day, the galaxy fell into darkness.  After millennia of prosperity and relative peace, everything fell apart in a single day.  How could so many worlds fall at once?  Why did the great stellar empires and republics collapse in a one day?

This could only come about as the final stoke of some master plan conceived by some unseen, malevolent genius who for some ummmnown reason wanted our worlds to burn.  The organization of this dark hand is nearly beyond belief.  Coordinated strikes

How the Hero becomes a Holdfast

The Fall from Grace

A serious state of fortune exists within the entity that the negative energies take action against


The character may be ready and willing to take on the fall. OR may be reluctant and have to be lured or pushed into it.  OR may refuse altogether and have to pay the consequences.


This is the item that seals our fate.  When the Character makes a commitment the tempters appear.

Plans and Preparation

The antihero sketches out a plan and prepares for action.  The first objective will be to determine the extent and cause of the problem.


The tempters can provide guidance and instruction, but we have to accomplish the difficult task ourselves.


Other people’s lives are affected by the hero’s decision.  The positive parent figures and siblings try to dissuade the hero.

High Hopes and Enthusiasm

The end of this phase is often marked by high hopes and enthusiasm—a genuine conviction that we are going to succeed.