The Uru

The Uru is a dangerous place that exists throughout the galaxy, just under the surface of normal civilization.  It is filled with mercenaries, gangs, and ancient factions that have battled each other for millennia behind the scenes.  Demons linger in the alleys and monsters haunt the long nights between the stars.  Nothing in the Urugal (the underworld) is exactly what it appears to be.

But, what really happens out of sight of most people?  The secret wars of the underworld have raged for millennia, and the feuds run deep.  Conspiracies, pacts, and feuds guide the fates of the average person, who lives unaware of the turmoil constantly circling around them.  This is the place of tides, where the ancients wage their secret wars for the hearts, souls, and fortunes of the Galaxy.Now the august leaders of each order and house move their members like chess pieces on the galactic board.  If only, they alone meddled in the affairs of the Uru, but rumors abound of new houses and rogue actors threatening to destabilize an already volatile situation.  War looms frighteningly close and now is the dawning of discontent.


Urugal written in Kenja Script

The word Urugal is an ancient word.  In the old days, it referred to the netherworld, the abode of the dead.  Literally, it means "Big/Great City."  

As groups were ostracized from polite society, people used to say, they have been condemned to Urugal.  In other words, it is like they were dead.  Others took on the epithet as a badge of honor.  The "civilized" world they despised had rejected them.  In time, a new world built itself alongside the other.  A world with its own customs and politics.  It is a sub-stratum of the galactic subculture, it is the home of the saints and sinners, priests, monks, mystics, rogues, gangsters, all find their home in the Uru.  The dealings of the Urugal often go unnoticed since most honorable gentlemen and ladies go to extreme measures not to see such things.  

The Uru is in the truest sense a set of counter culture to the ruling elite.  All disaffected and rejected people eventually find their home in the Urugal.  It must be remembered that the Urugal is not a mafia.  It has no singular leader.  It is the by-product of the networks and innuendos of those who would rather not be seen.  


Most of the members of the Uru make a living through tournaments, donations, patronage, or mercenary work.

Belief Systems:


Language (Spoken & Written):

Nearly every language in the galaxy is spoken among the Ur-san and Erim

Most members of the Urugal, they still "speak" the common language of Ki-niri.  Every move in the various martial schools has a symbolic meaning, allowing them to "speak" through the act of combat or exhibition of their martial skills.  The "language" is often referred to a Ki-niri after the manuals the moves are defined in.

Attitudes Towards...

  • Outsiders: Ur-san and Erim prize the obscurity of their actions, and actively work to keep their world secret from outsiders.
  • Science:  Some Ur-san and Erim are renowned for their gifts with Technnomancy.
  • Magic:  Some Ur-san and Erim are accomplished sorcerers.
  • War:  While some Amas are avowed pacifists, others are mercenaries making their living from the conflicts of others.  Vendettas are not uncommon among the Amas.

Organizational Details:

Within the Uru there are three distinct classes:

  • The Malin,  means “young soldier.”  They constitute the dark underbelly of the Urugal.  They are outlaws, bandits, burglars and mercenaries  Generally, they are rural bandits.  No one really has a great deal of respect for them, and, in fact, the very word Malin was originally an epithet.  As often happens, these scoundrels proudly took on the name, making it their own.
  • The Caelin are the “strong warriors.”  Unlike the loose morals of the Malin, the Caelin are martial artists that single-mindedly seek to improve their skills.  Known primarily as a class of aloof wanderers, they rarely involve themselves with the affairs of others.  
  • The Ronan are the hardest class to define.  They are organized groups of mystics, magians, and martial artists.  The word Ronan simply means "housed."  Each house has its own purpose and goals.